Resiliency and Efficiency
Pharrell Williams - Freq ft. JoJo
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See I’d rather be a freak, then not to be unique. Individuality makes life better. 

It’s like jury duty. Or floods

Jessa in Girls, talking about how death is eminent. 

As crass as it was, I found it really funny. 

I don’t really use tumblr that much nowadays, but

I’m listening to language and culture presentations recorded by students for our final research project. The professor SPECIFICALLY told us to keep our presentations to under 15 minutes. 

And this current presentation, this lady is GOING OFF. Like seriously, my attention span on off tangent examples is limited. I’m back on tumblr because you are just rambling on and on and on. Just get to the point. Do you not realize that this is not my only class. I have more stuff to do, lady.


Sara Bareilles - Brave
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250 Days of Music - Day9

Honesty is the best policy.

Before I go onto my Histology Study sesh, today was the day I actually started to accept where God wants me to be in my life. (I just really want to get this off my chest so that I don’t get distracted by this later, stupid Histo lab Midterm)

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